Test di livello – Inglese

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Telefono (richiesto)

1) Is this a table? ...............
A. Yes, isB. Yes, it isC. Yes, there isD. Yes, it's this table

2) I ……English food.
A. not likeB. like notC. don't likeD. does not like

3) …....any milk on the table.
A. There isn'tB. There isC. There areD. There aren't

4) New York is …..London.
A. biggest asB. bigger thanC. more big thanD. bigger as

5) She……..to the cinema yesterday.
A. goB. is goneC. goesD. went

6) John…….Italian very well.
A. speakB. can speakC. is speakD. can to speak

7) Look! ........right now.
A. It rainsB. It's rainingC. They are rainingD. Is raining

8) When ……Mr Brown?
A. you metB. have you metC. did you meetD. did you met

9) There are many people living in Italy, who……..
A. come from abroadB. are coming from abroadC. comes from abroadD. are come from abroad

10) The girls……were quite happy.
A. who talked toB.we talked toC. talked toD. what we talked to

11) In Italy, you……wear a seat belt in the car.
A. have toB. must toC. oughtD. should

12) If……, we get wet.
A. it is rainingB. it rainsC. it will rainD. it will be rain

13) When…., I will buy a cottage in the country
a. I will be 65B. I will have 65C. I am 65D. I have 65

14) Even if……, I wouldn’t buy a Mercedes.
A. I would be very richB. I had been very richC. I were very richD. I will be very rich

15) He said……meet you later.
A. he is going toB. he willC. heD. he would

16) Ask her to go to the Post Office……some stamps.
A. for gettingB. that she getC. to getD. that she gets

17) The children ……play with them.
A. want that IB. will that IC. want me toD. will me to

18) I haven’t seen him……
A. last weekB. during last weekC. for last weekD. since last week

19) I’ll phone you as soon as ……
A. I'm knowing the answerB. I will know the answerC. I know the answerD. to know the answer

20) …… English?
A. How long do you studyB. How long are you studyC. How long have you been studyingD. How long is it that you study

21) I …..these films developed by tonight.
A. will makeB. will haveC. have madeD. have

22) Look at this mess! You….. more careful.
A. must have beenB. should have beenC. ought have beenD. may have been

23) When we….., we will make a decision.
A. have had the meetingB. will have the meetingC. had the meetingD. will have had the meeting

24) When he arrived at the airport, the plane….
A. already took offB. was already taken offC. has already taken offD. had already taken off

25) It was a very stupid thing to do. I wish…..
A. I hadn't done itB. I didn't do itC. not to have done itD. I haven't done it

26) Did you remember…...
A. you to post the letter?B. posting the letter?C. to post the letter?D. posted the letter?

27) “ You ….” said the policeman.
A. would ratherB. had ratherC. would betterD. had better

28) Why are you so tired ? …..
A. Have you been working hard?B. Have you worked hard?C. Were you working hard?D. Did you work hard?

29) ….you would not have understood.
A. If I did not explain itB. Had I not explained itC. If I have not explained itD. Did I not explain it

30) Never…..such a beautiful sight.
A. she sawB. did she seeC. she had seenD. had she seen

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