Italian Courses

Prato is located at the centre of the northern part of Tuscany, a short distance from Florence and near the other major art cities of the region, such as Pistoia, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano and the wonderful Chianti vineyards. Prato is famous for its textile industry, that throughout the Middle Ages had an important role in the economic and social development of the entire district. But beyond this aspect, Prato offers a great historical-artistic heritage waiting to be discovered, with a cultural itinerary that goes from Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance times to the Contemporary Era.  Some of these treasures include the stunning frescoes by Filippo Lippi and Paolo Uccello inside the Cathedral, the beautiful Palazzo Pretori, Piazza del Comune and the remains of the Castle of the Emperor.


Are you ready to explore Prato and Tuscany while studying the Italian Language and Culture? 

The International English Academy is affiliated to British Institutes and is located in the business centre of Prato, just a few blocks away from the historical city centre.  We offer Italian language and culture courses to foreigners for the Spring/Summer season 2017, from the end of May to the end of July.

Our school can provide tailor-made programs to suit each group’s specific learning needs based on their language level and knowledge.  These courses are taught by experienced Italian native teachers who will follow the communicative approach, placing special emphasis on spoken language and communication. All the didactic material will be provided: during the courses, students will use a specific book and will also have access to a self-study online platform they can connect to after the lessons on their tablets, mobile phones or PC. Our school is highly embedded in the local community, so there are lots of opportunities to set up a language exchange in order to further expose the foreign students to the Italian language, practicing it with native students learning English at our school.

The lessons will be held at the school and accommodation can be arranged in a nearby residence, in modern and elegant studio apartments with kitchenette. All the courses consist of a part aimed at the Italian language and a part focused on the Italian culture, providing a rich introduction to several aspects of the Italian lifestyle with classes and workshops about Literature, Cinema, Music, Art, Fashion, History and Italian Traditions, according to the linguistic level of competence of the students. Our most important asset are the staff of experienced teachers who will professionally guide the students throughout their learning. Upon arrival there will be an orientation session in order to provide the necessary information on courses and to make students familiar with the Italian lifestyle in Prato.


Students can choose the length of the course, adding accommodation and even some extra tours around Tuscany.



  • 1 WEEK: 20 hours of Italian Language and Culture Course
  • 2 WEEKS: 40 hours of Italian Language and Culture Course
  • 3 WEEKS:  60 hours of Italian Language and Culture Course
  • 4 WEEKS: 80 hours of Italian Language and Culture Course



  • Half-day Prato City Centre Walking Tour
  • Half-day at the Modern-Contemporary Art Museum
  • Half-day Tuscan Wine Tasting at a local wine bar
  • Half-day Uffizi Gallery Tour
  • One-day Wine Tour in Chianti


We can also provide students with accommodation at the Wall Art Hotel, perfectly connected with the city centre and the course venue, in different types of apartments.



For any further information contact us


 Mr. Lorenzo Mazzoni

Didactic Director of the school


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Ms. Emanuela Zanini

Finance & Administration Manager


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